Alcohol & other Drugs

Alcohol and effects

Many people don’t consider alcohol as a drug but by definition it is one. It is fairly common to drink while socializing however regular indulgence and frequent states of being inebriated says ‘bad decision’ more than once.

Often crossing the threshold for drinking is at the behest of friends and family but choosing to or not to must be completely being your choice because they’re no safe-ways about alcohol. It affects you anyhow.

Alcohol often gives one a boost or what it termed as ‘liquid courage’ however it also affects your reflexes, balance and coordination so you’re more likely to crash into a pole before doing whatever you needed the courage for.

Drinking too much and too often can cause headaches, nausea, dizziness, body aches, etc. In extreme cases it can cause blackouts where a person might not remember what they did or didn’t do.

The amount of effect alcohol has on you depends on a couple of things like:

1. Your body weight

2. Your health

3. Frequency of drinking

4. Your companion while drinking

The after effect of alcohol or being intoxicated might last a couple of hours after you’re done drinking, if you’ve drunk a lot then maybe for a night or more.  After it wears off, it makes one feel dehydrated, tired, nauseous and sick.

The relationship between mental health and alcohol:

Alcohol alters the chemical components in one’s body and slows it down. It is essentially a depressant. It affects ones:

- mood swings

- sleep cycle

- memory and concentration abilities

- energy levels

The intoxication or haze created by alcohol reduces common sense and inhibitions thus make people more prone to risk-taking behaviour. It can be both positive and negative.  It causes:

- Increased aggression

- Increased risk taking behavior

- Adaptation to bad coping abilities

- Suicidal behavior if in a bad state of affairs, alcohol silences the sensible part of the brain


Benefits of reducing or cutting out alcohol intake;

- Good financial health

- Energy levels perfect for age

- Lack of sleeping problems

If you want to lessen your alcohol intake or want to get rid of alcohol dependency- contact our Havoc helpline or chat with a professional.