Our Services

At Havoc Therapy, we believe that everyone has unique mental health needs, and so mental healthcare should be individualized as well.

Free Consultation

Our 30 minutes free consultation call can be a great option for anyone who wants to consult a professional but isn’t sure about pursuing full-time therapy or counseling.


The consultation call will be done at a time suitable for you, and a professional counselor will be there to guide you in dealing with the mental distress you’re struggling with.

  • A purposeful conversation to identify and discern your issue.

    30 min

Online/Offline Counseling

We offer both online and offline counseling services at affordable rates for anyone looking to start their mental health journey.


Our trained professionals are here to help you with grief, anxiety, stress, depression, eating disorders, and any issues you may be struggling with.


(Offline services are available for anyone residing in Hyderabad, while online counseling can be a convenient alternative to in-person therapy.)