Chamber Secrets is our unique interaction platform where one can get things off their chest and revel in the shared support.

It is a session based interaction where ensuring anonymity is our priority as one freely speaks. The Chamber Secrets sessions are time-oriented and are hosted by our panel of health professionals and mental health experts.

How it works:

Anyone can view a Chamber Secrets session in progress or access the transcript. In order to participate, one has to create a chat profile. It requires an email address and a password, once a profile is created, a Chamber Secrets username can be set up and account personalized.

The profile will automatically save all the chats you’ve participated in and make it all easily accessible. The profile also has anonymity settings, which a user can choose after they are logged in. The user can also share images, videos or links that he/she feels are suitable to the Chamber Secrets session in progress.

Chamber Secrets is a really good initiative, it helped me accept myself with so much ease. The host gave us great advice along with some informative articles.

-K. Nitya