eHavoc is our national online phone support service staffed by experienced mental health professionals.

It provides a safe, secure, non-judgmental and completely anonymous place to talk to professionals, wherever and whenever.

eHavoc is an amalgamation of techniques that are soothing to the mind and heart along-with honest one-to-one discussions. We at Havoc belief that simple practices hold deep cures for all our problems, which is why we include recreational activities like reading, art, music etc.

The main goal of eHavoc is to lend an ear to the problems and grievances of young people, which otherwise go uncared for. Havoc aims to reach and help young people in remote corners; to give them a comfortable space and environment to unburden themselves.

How it works:

We offer a complete goal-oriented clinical experience- either online or by phone. It provides young people- a safe platform to unburden their issues with guaranteed full support and confidentiality.

- Open hours- Anyone can access eHavoc from 9am to 9pm, Indian time, seven days a week.

- Professional support- When young people use eHavoc, they interact with our highly professional and committed team.

- Tailored service- Young people can choose anything from one-on-one with a mental health professional, group chats or using self-help content, eHavoc can be accessed in any way that works for them.

I was and am a bundle of energy, doing things I wasn’t supposed to, my parents got fed up and I heard an earful, and then I decided to seek out explanations for why I am being what I am being. Ehavoc helped me realise that all this energy is an outcome of the natural course of teenage, and also gave me avenues to spend it in a more productive way. I feel so good and calm now, my parents are happy too.