Indians & Mental Health

A person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being is called mental health.

Mental health is an aggravating issue more so in Indian context. It is result of years of conditioning where a slight different problem or ordeal is treated as a thing to be pushed under the carpet or to be shamed. This lack of knowledge and understanding has seen a good number of losses and it’s high time to be aware and helpful.

Mental health issues in India do not arise only from a wrong work-life balance, but also from the sheer diversity of the place, more diverse people, more diverse are the problems. India and its culture prides itself on tolerance and it is indeed an admirable trait yet not something to be practiced in mental health spheres.

India’s tryst with mental health is due to the fact that most common people don’t have any idea about the terms or the problems, depression is mere sadness and anxiety is just tension, they have no idea of the repercussions both problems have on routine life.

The public healthcare system in India needs to have a thorough and dedicated wing to cater to mental health problems, solutions and awareness campaigns. There needs to be major policy changes and formation of able professionals for on ground work.

A wide range of Indians look at mental health problems or illness through the lens of stigma, be it anything from the spectrum from autism to suicide to dementia, all of it is met with visible reactions of distance and disgust.

How can India change?

  •  Two words- Educate and Empower.

  •  Educate the masses because it is them who suffer and face the stigma too.

  •  Empower those are seeking help and helping others. Their efforts matter.

Need of the hour

  •  Healthy discussions on mental health with respect to both biological and psychological aspects.

  •  Awareness and education camps and campaigns that reaches villages too

  •  Workshops on caring for mental illness fighters

  •  Enabling timely intervention and assistance

  •  Making mental healthcare affordable

  •  Discussion on holistic approach in getting rid of mental health concerns

‘Let’s mainstream taking care of our mental health and encouraging others too!’

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