Havoc centers will provide aid in any mental health, physical health problems or just provide support in whatever sphere it is needed in.

The centers are the one-stop avenue where one can drop their baggage, both literal and emotional. It is designed for everybody and with everyone’s participation, to ensure that it is all effective, uplifting and easily accessible through our unique recreational activities.

The centers for you:

The sole motive of the centers is to provide a safe and affordable environment for young people to access mental-health experts through our unique recreational activities.

Havoc centers services bear no weight on the pocket and provide support for:


- Mental wellbeing- Our clinical mental healthcare professionals provide support, information, treatment and specially tailored plans to address any mental health concern.

- Physical and sexual concerns- Our experts provide judgement-free eloquent advice and help for physical concerns and sexual queries in a safe setting.

- Substance addiction and abuse- Our professionals provide information  for treating addiction and address the complexities of withdrawal symptoms, guilt etc, while maintaining a truly compassionate view.

- Work and study- Our counsellors assist in inculcating a range of life skills like planning, scheduling, prioritising, dealing with stress etc.


Graduation is a threshold and beyond it, is the maze we call society, the transition is stressful and there’s hardly any time to cope. Ehavoc helped me keep my bearings as I dealt with newer problems one at a time. If I hadn’t received the support and help, I’d have been a shell of the person who I am today.