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Better Mental Health Care for All

Individualized mental health care and support through active listening and psychotherapy.

Accessible & Affordable

Flexibile & Effective



About Us

We are modernizing an area of healthcare that has been inaccessible for so long.


What We Offer

Havoc Therapy provides accessible and affordable individualized mental health care and support through counseling and therapy.

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Emotional Support

Havoc Therapy provides emotional support through the We Hear You App, where you can chat with a trained listener anonymously about stress, pressure, anxiety, depression, parental issues, etc., and can also get extended professional support.

Professional Counselling & Therapy

Professional counseling is an interaction between counselor and client to maximize the probability of the client to explore, understand, and take action to resolve problems/change behaviors. We'll be focusing on active listening, and building rapport.

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What Our Clients Say

It was perfect. My counselor was an excellent listener. I feel a lot more relaxed and relieved after the sessions. She was professional and understanding. I am so happy and pleased with the sessions. 

- Shruti

I noticed that I was really comfortable around my counselor…I didn’t feel judged at all, and really felt like she knew what I was talking about. This enabled me to open up and be more honest than I ever had before with anyone else

- Harika

I’m much more confident in myself and my abilities. I’ve definitely made moves away from codependency. I value myself, my thoughts, my wants, etc. much more. I am also seeing a decrease in my anxiety, largely due to the energy tools I learned from you.

- Anonymous

Reach out today so that you can be proud of yourself tomorrow

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