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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We started Havoc Therapy out of the idea of bringing breaking rooms to India. Later we understood that breaking rooms are not the only solution for modern mental health issues. We found a huge gap between the current mental health issues and services available in the market.

Our Story

Many mental health issues can be solved in the early stages with early identification and intervention. So, we created a platform to connect people with early mental health issues to a trained listener.

We Hear You helps people to vent out their feelings and emotions to the trained listeners anonymously. Trained listeners listen to the seekers and keep them engaged in conversation in a positive way by withholding judgment and advice.


Our Havoc centers will be one stop solution for all the mental health issues. To make mental health services more accessible we are trying to provide different therapies like Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Dog Therapy etc. and other professional mental health care services at the Havoc Centers.

Meet The Team

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