Who we are?

Most mental health issues go unaddressed.

The onset age of mental health issues is fairly early and it is gradually inching to more younger people. And yet, there is no proper, tailored technique to handle the unique problem every individual faces.

Mental health issues are an amalgamation of conflicts of past, present and future. The causes, the effects differ which is why the solutions need to differ therapy. Havoc Therapy aims to bridge the gap and cross the bridge by providing individualized mental health support to the people.

Our aim is to cater to the diverse range of problems that young people report of, evolving ourselves in a way that gives maximum help and support to them. Therefore, young people are the backbone of everything we hope to do!



Havoc centers

Havoc centers are the ultimate destination and also the end for troubling questions and issues. We offer ourselves for young people who need help with their physical health, mental health including and also provide support in various arenas.


Our centers are uniquely designed to provide a soothing setting and maintain privacy with expert professionals accessible through our unique recreational activities. 


National Tele-health Service

Our National Tele-health Service makes mental health care accessible to youngsters in rural areas. It helps them address their concerns to professionals via consultations.

The low cost puts no strain while making expert mental healthcare available in rural areas.



eHavoc is our way of ensuring that mental healthcare reaches to those who don’t have access to our centers. It is a national online and phone health service staffed by our experienced experts.

It provides young people- the space and the access to talk to a professional in an anonymous and secure setting.