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Psychology Internship for Future Therapists

About the training and internship program

Join our Certified Psychology Internship Program and gain hands-on experience as an Active Listener. Support individuals on their mental health journeys, enhance your communication skills, and make a positive impact. Start your transformative internship today and become a valuable member of our compassionate community. Apply now!

Goals of the program 

  • Gain practical experience: Gain hands-on opportunities to apply your knowledge and skills in supporting individuals on their mental health journeys.

  • Develop therapeutic skills: Equip  with essential therapeutic skills, such as providing emotional support, practicing empathy, and fostering a safe and non-judgmental environment.

  • Prepare for a career in psychology: Equip with the necessary skills, experience, and confidence to pursue a successful career in psychology or related fields.


  • 2 months


  • Online


  • All psychology enthusiasts


  • 3-4 hours/day


  • Active Listener Certification

  • Internship Completion Certification from Havoc Therapy Private Limited 

  • Weekly Paid incentives (based on performance)

  • Free access to Havoc Therapy Professional Training sessions

Other Benefits

  • Practical experience

  • Skill development

  • Professional growth

  • Personal development

  • Networking opportunities

  • Career preparation

  • Contribution to mental health support

Program Fee

  • Rs. 3000/- inclusive GST

Program Starts

22nd July 2023

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